Archive Project

Share your experiences during the Coronavirus quarantine.

We would like to document this unprecedented time.  Send us your photos, videos, artwork, and personal thoughts about life in Mountainside during the pandemic.  We will create an archive of your experiences to share.

Captioned photos, short videos (no more than 5 minutes), your children's artwork (you can send a photo), and written memories.

Some questions to consider:  What has surprised you most as this quarantine has unfolded?  What is your biggest fear?  What is an unexpected, positive impact of the quarantine?  What are your hopes for the future when this is all over?
All submissions should be accompanied by a first and last name, approximate age, and any other information about yourself that you would like to include.
Send the entries to, or by mail to Mountainside Public Library, 1 Constitution Plaza, Mountainside, NJ  07092.